A person can become a guardian of a minor child or disabled adult. Keep in mind that not all guardianships require someone to go into Court.  While the court can appoint a Permanent Legal Guardian of a child, there are also two other types of guardians the Court can appoint for minor children. The Court can appoint a Standby Guardian when a parent or guardian names the person they want to care for their child or children. The Court can also appoint a Short-Term Guardian, who is someone who is appointed to be a guardian for 365 days or less. There are two types of guardianships for an adult. The first is a guardianship of the person, which allow the guardian to make medical decisions and or decisions about the person living on own, if the person cannot do so themselves. The second is guardianship of the estate, which allows the guardian to make decisions about money, if the person cannot do it themselves.

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