Is Guardianship Right for You or Your Loved ones?

Are you trying to decide whether an adult guardianship is right for a loved one? Do you already know that you need an adult guardianship established, but would like to what is involved? While no guardianship is alike, and there are many other facts that need to be considered, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before seeking a guardianship.

  • What is the disability?

    • Is it Mental illness, physical incapacity, or developmental issues?

    • Is it Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or effects from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

    • Is it excess spending or wasting of estate due to gambling or rampant drug use?

    • Is it something else and you aren’t sure if it qualifies as a disability?

  • Is your loved one unable to make or communicate decisions regarding personal care? Is your loved one unable to manage her estate of financial affairs?

  • Is your loved one totally without capacity to care for himself and his decisions, or can he do some things on his own?

  • Other there any other Powers of Attorney, granting authority to another person to make decisions regarding healthcare of finances?

  • Is guardianship necessary to:

    • Promote well-being of disabled person?

    • Protect disabled person from neglect, exploitation or abuse?

    • Encourage development of her maximum self-reliance and independence?


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