Dissolution of Marriage / Civil Union (Divorce)

Dissolution of Marriage / Civil Union

Dissolving your marriage or civil union can be both complicated and emotionally taxing.  The best resolution to any dissolution case and our goal at Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC is settlement.  Settlement is always in the best interest of the parties and the children and usually is the most cost efficient.  However, settlement is not always a possibility.  If settlement is not an option, our attorneys at Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC will stand by you and zealously represent your interests.

There are a wide variety of issues that arise when dissolving a marriage or civil union.  These issues include:

  • Financial Issues: Whether or not the parties acquired joint bank accounts during the marriage, any account opened or contributed to during the marriage is considered marital property.  As such, these accounts are subject to equitable division between the parties.

  • Property Distribution: If the parties purchased real estate or any other property during the marriage, the property is subject to equitable distribution.  Property can include a marital home, other real estate, vehicles, retirement accounts, as well as other property.  There are many things to consider when dividing marital property.  At Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC we always strive to obtain favorable results for our clients.

  • Spousal Support/Maintenance: Whether, you are the party who has supported the family through employment or you were the party who has supported the family by caring for the children and home, spousal support (maintenance) may be an issue you encounter.  Maintenance is a concept designed to place both parties on relatively equal footing.  Our attorneys zealously advocate for maintenance results that are equitable and fair.

At Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC, we bring our years of combined experience to provide you with the highest quality representation.

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