No one wants to go through a divorce. It is a frightening and daunting task. Greenberg & Sinkovits were just the attorneys to guide me through it. They explained the legal terms thoroughly, helped me weigh pros and cons of every decision.  They quickly drafted and filed all documents and provided client copies immediately. All billing was detailed and provided monthly or whenever I requested. I would highly recommend Greenberg & Sinkovits.

I have had the recent pleasure with working with Greenberg & Sinkovits on a divorce case. Their service is fast, efficient, affordable, and reliable. I took great comfort in knowing that I could contact them anytime via email or phone and receive a quick response back. I also enjoyed the personal service. I was not just a case number. They showed genuine care during my difficult time and had my best interests at heart. Above all else, I was confident that they were knowledgeable and well-prepared when representing me in court. I would recommend their services time and time again.

After working two years together, I was able to reunite with my daughter. I would recommend Greenberg & Sinkovits to a friend; they are efficient, professional, and have a pleasant demeanor.

I have had the pleasure of working with Greenberg & Sinkovits in several aspects, and they truly shine in the courtroom. Always prompt, professional and focused, their team brought clarity and order to a messy family situation. I would highly recommend their services!

I was pleased with Greenberg & Sinkovits’s expertise on family and matrimony law, along with their dedication and commitment to my needs. They provided great advice in the area of family law. I strongly recommend Greenberg & Sinkovits as an expert in the matter family and matrimony.

Greenberg & Sinkovits is an excellent resource of family law matters. They have a strong understanding of the field and provides quick and accurate feedback. They been a great ally to my own practice and they serve their clients with the same level of expertise and commitment.

Greenberg & Sinkovits represented me from January 2011 to December 2012 in what proved to be an incredibly difficult divorce. During that time they played the role of attorney, sounding board, scolding school teacher, and referee and did it in a manner that was tactful, professional and firm when they needed to be. I was not an easy client, yet they always seemed to know what to say and how to say it in a manner that kept things moving in a productive direction.  In short, they are knowledgeable attorneys who you can trust. They know the law, have the ability to communicate it clearly and looks out for their clients’ best interests. I’m happy I had them on my side. 

I would highly recommend the Greenberg and Sinkovits law firm to anyone for complex family law cases. They really work hard for their client’s and they care about them. They are always professional and knowledgeable.

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