Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment for an initial consultation?

You can call us at 312-905-3013 or email us at info@gsillinoislaw.com.

How much will an initial consultation cost?

We offer a free thirty minute consultation, either via phone or in person.

What should I bring to my initial consultation?

You should bring all of your court paperwork, including pleadings or court orders. You should also bring any paperwork which you think is important to your case. For example, if your case involves divorce, you should bring any financial information you have, such as bank statements, income tax returns, and any records of assets or debts.

What will happen at my initial consultation?

How long will my initial consultation take?

Is the information I give you confidential?

Why do I need to be alone when I meet with the attorney?

Will my spouse know I have met with an attorney?

Will you be able to tell me how long my case will last or what will happen?

Even after we meet with you, there is no way to predict the length of the case. The length of the case depends on a variety of factors: your ability to communicate and settle with your opposing party, the availability of the judge assigned to your case, and the complexity of your case. You can read more in depth about this issue on our blog at: https://greensinklaw.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/how-long-does-a-divorce-take/.  

Will my case go to trial?

What if my spouse and I have reached an agreement but neither of us has an attorney?

You can retain us to review the terms of your settlement and we will let you know if there are more effective ways to accomplish some of your and your spouse’s goals. You can also retain us to put your agreement into writing, and you can then take the written agreement to your spouse for further review.

If we have an agreement, will my spouse need to hire a separate attorney?

While it is not necessary, it is often a good idea for your spouse to have the agreement reviewed by a separate attorney.

Will we have to go to Court if we have an agreement?

Can I get alimony/maintenance? Can I avoid paying alimony/maintenance?

When does Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC, become my attorney?

Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC does not become your attorney until and unless you sign a retainer agreement and pay your complete retainer fee. You are under no obligation after your initial consultation, nor is Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC, under any obligation to you. (We will not, however, meet with or talk to your opposing party.)

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