Maintenance And Spousal Support

Maintenance and Spousal Support (Formerly known as Alimony)

One of the largest concerns parties have when filing for divorce is either: (1) how they are going to support themselves, and (2) how they are going to protect their income. Judges often use monetary formulas to determine the award of maintenance, also called spousal support. There are many factors that can go into deciding the amount, frequency, and conditions attached to maintenance. Some of these factors include a party’s income and property, their personal needs, their earning potential now and in the future, the length of the marriage, any burdens placed on them during the marriage financially or otherwise, and any prior agreements the parties have made.

The attorneys at Greenberg & Sinkovits, LLC, are highly experienced at obtaining favorable results for clients in their divorce and maintenance cases, and particularly when the parties are high net worth.

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