Having just celebrated our Ten Year Firm Anniversary, we’re taking some time to reflect on all that we are grateful for as we approach this holiday season. As many of you already know, we (Stephanie and Michelle) started out as friends before forming our partnership. Over the past decade of being business partners, we’ve always kept our friendship and respect for each other at the forefront. We believe that is why we have been able to form such a wonderful base for the rest of our team.

We truly are so very grateful for our wonderful team and could not have reached this incredible milestone of ten years without them. Not only do we consider our team members colleagues and friends, but they are also our “work family”. As much as we work hard, we also have a lot of fun together. We want to take this opportunity to talk about each of our team members and why they are so integral to our team.

Kelly Bennett is a dear friend, colleague, and mentor to us all. Speaking of working with friends, Kelly first started out as a “mom” friend of ours before joining the team. Not only has she brought unique experiences and perspectives, but she’s also just a lot of fun for everyone to work with! Kelly is personable, highly intelligent, and upholds our firm’s mission of integrity and ethics. She will always be the first person willing and wanting to “talk out” a case, and she makes herself available as a mentor to all.

Cassandra Perrino (“Casie” – pronounced “Casey”) is our longest-running employee! Casie started with us as a law clerk during her law school days. We’ve watched her grow from law clerk, to law school graduate waiting for bar exam results, to lawyer. Watching her grow has been one of our favorite parts of this job. Casie is exceptional at her work, with an attention to detail that few can surpass and the ability to focus on the important issues at hand. She is a great advocate for her clients and the clients love her.

Diana Warren is our Family Law Paralegal and Billing Coordinator and her experience is unparalleled. She is a whiz at financial affidavits and discovery and is never afraid to ask tough questions. Diana is a true asset to our team and comes up with unique and out-of-the-box solutions for our client’s questions and issues.  

Dawn Ray is our Real Estate Paralegal and joined our firm after working as Stephanie’s father’s Paralegal for over 20 years. Dawn knows the ins and outs of real estate like the back of her hand. She keeps us organized, on task, and ensures a deadline is never missed. Clients specifically seek out Dawn and come back to us to handle their real estate transactions because they remember her unparalleled work ethic and candor. We simply could not do our jobs as well as we do without Dawn.

Maria is our Real Estate Paralegal and brings her years of experience as a title closer. She works alongside Dawn to stay on top of deadlines and keeps up with current trends and practices in the real estate industry. Maria is a true self-starter and takes initiative to figure out solutions and assist our clients in getting to the closing table in a timely and seamless fashion.    

Chandra is our Family Law Paralegal and is the newest member of our team.  Chandra’s excitement about Family Law issues and exceptional service to our clients is what really drew us to her. Chandra is extremely driven and is always seeking out additional work and knowledge.

As we reflect on the “work family” we’ve built, we feel deep gratitude for every member of our team. They make Greenberg & Sinkovits the strong, reliable law firm that it is. To stay in touch with our team and keep up to date with all the latest news from G&S, make sure you follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.