Finding the right attorney for your unique situation can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Who will be handling your case? What is their background? Are they the right attorney for your unique situation? 


We know how important it is to really know who’s on your legal team. So we want to take a moment to let you get to know one of our Firm’s Principal Partners: Stephanie Greenberg! We had the opportunity to interview Stephanie and learn more about what drives her to work so hard on her clients’ cases. 


So without further ado, let’s hear from Stephanie: 


What inspired you to form the G&S firm?


Michelle and I became Partners over 10 years ago and shared the vision to run a Woman-Owned Law Firm. It’s important to me to see each client as a unique individual with their own needs and goals. I was inspired to form a law firm that focuses on customized solutions for clients rather than a one size fits all approach. Just as imperative was finding employees who have the same mindset and appreciate a collaborative environment. I’m proud to say that our team has come to be like a family and that we put our clients’ needs at the forefront of our practice. 


What led you to focus on family law/real estate law?


I became interested in Family Law after working in a Family Law Firm during law school. I think this is one area of law where you develop such an intricate bond with your clients and are really able to make a difference in their life. Family law often deals with the division of assets, and many times one of those assets is a home. When my Father retired from his real estate practice, it presented the unique opportunity to intersect real estate and family law. Practicing in both areas gives me the ability to more thoroughly understand real estate provisions in Marital Settlement Agreements and to assist people with buying or selling a home while going through a divorce.


What made you want to become a lawyer?


I realized I wanted to be a lawyer after working at a large law firm in Chicago after college. While at the firm, I worked under some of the main partners on Hurricane Katrina pro bono matters. That opportunity really fostered my passion for helping people through some of the most difficult times in their lives.


Can you provide a short story about why you love this field of work? An example of a case that has created a lasting impact or inspired you in some way?


I have many clients who have inspired me over the years. However, one that has always stuck with me is a parent I was able to help obtain sole custody of the child after the other parent was presenting a serious endangerment to this child. I was able to not only suspend that parent’s parenting time but also move the parent and child out of state where they were reunited with family. I’m happy to report that the child and the parent are both thriving in their new environment.


Tell us all about your family/any pets!


I’m married to my Husband, Adam, who is a managing consultant for an HR consulting company, and we have two amazing daughters who are 5.5 and 3.5 years old! We also have an 8-year-old rescue dog named Izzo. We love to get outside together as much as possible when the weather is nice and take walks, go to the park, and explore.


What do you like to do in your free time?


Two of my biggest passions, other than my family, are traveling and reading. Although Covid put a damper on travel, we hope to reignite our travel bug in 2023 and have trips planned to drive the California Coast and hopefully get to Greece.  For reading, I recently started a Bookstagram (Instagram for books) and am looking forward to more reading and writing reviews.


What’s your favorite book? 


This is a very hard question to answer as I read a lot and have many books that I love. Some of my favorite reads from the past year that I believe everyone should read are: Take My Hand, Black Cake, The Great Believers, and The Book of Lost Names.


What is a surprising fact about yourself or hidden talent that you have?


I love to sing! I once auditioned for Chicago’s version of American Idol and sang at my friend’s wedding.


What else should people know about you?


I’m very passionate about what I do and really strive to provide the best experience possible for both my clients and our team at the Firm. I take my relationships very seriously – both professional and personal – and believe in fostering deep connections with others.


Interested in working with Stephanie and the G&S team?


Stephanie is just one member of our dedicated, intelligent, and fierce team. We’re ready to ensure your case has the best possible odds and would love to learn more about your unique situation. 


Get in touch with our office today by clicking the contact link on our website or reaching out to our office at  312.905.3013.