A Note From the Partners: 


We are extremely excited to announce Cassandra Perrino as a Senior Associate and see her progress in her career! She is always willing to learn, works hard for her clients, and is a fierce advocate. Casie has excelled in her role as Associate and we have no doubt she will continue to shine in her new role.


Our staff is made up of dedicated, intelligent, and fierce team members. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide guidance, confidentiality, and compassion while crafting customized solutions for each of our clients. But we couldn’t do this without team members who are dedicated to serving you and providing you peace of mind. 


One team member, in particular Cassandra Perrino, has been hard at work making sure that her clients receive the service they deserve. Casie was recently promoted to Senior Associate, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her. As a Senior Associate, Casie’s title reflects her expertise and experience. 


Who Is Greenberg & Sinkovits’ Newest Senior Associate? 


A lover of the movie Grease, dog-mom to Parson (her 5-year-old German Shepherd), and an avid reader, Casie has been with Greenberg and Sinkovits since the Summer of 2018 when she worked as a Law Clerk. 


While at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Casie earned a Certificate in Child and Family Law. Casie’s work here at Greenberg & Sinkovits is also in Family Law – particularly Divorce and Parentage matters. 


When asked, what inspired you to follow this career path? Casie said, “I love kids, and I really wanted to work in a profession where I could make a difference in the lives of kids whose parents are going through a divorce or separation.” 


Casie says she loves this work because “each day is different from the last and I am always learning. Every family I work with has unique needs and goals, and I love coming up with personalized solutions that work.” 


Casie also worked with the Loyola Community Law Center during law school. She handled cases involving minor children, family issues, and guardianships for clients who could not afford legal counsel. Her dedication to her craft and her passion for advocating for her clients shines through with each case she takes on. 


Our Team Has Your Back  


When she’s not walking Parson along the lake or trying out new restaurants, Casie is hard at work for her clients. 


Casie, and the rest of the team at Greenberg and Sinkovits, are dedicated to fighting for your case. If you have a family law or real estate case that you need a dedicated team for, look no further than G&S. Call our office today to discover what a dedicated legal team can do for you.